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🌪2 Day FACE TO FACE Course

🌪You learn step by step few different techniques
🌪Live model practice
🌪Take home manual
🌪Insurance guidance
🌪Marketing,pricing and business support
🌪 Includes Starter Kit with all necessary equipment to start working

Our Master is giving you the opportunity to train with her and start on the journey of a lifetime in your new carrier,turning you in to in confident,professional Semi-permanent makeup technician who can provide clients with stunning,natural looking makeup that lasts for years.



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***OMBRE/POWDER BROWS Over the last few years the SPMU industry as a whole has experienced some huge changes – in an incredibly positive way.Powder brows treatments in particular have gained massive popularity.
Please read the attached information with details of the course. It will help give you an idea of the content that will be covered in the course and how the course is structured. We will provide you with everything you need to get going in your new career and offer you on going support. WHAT IS POWDER BROWS
PowderBrows is an eyebrow shading technique performed with a permanent make- up machine using the combination of dots and shading to achieve a very natural, soft powder, pixel effect. Unlike conventional permanent make-up, PowderBrows technique is building up the eyebrows with a special shading technique.

PowderBrows technique involves filling in or thickening of areas with a soft or darker colour which varies in transparency. As opposed to creating microblading hairline strokes from scratch to cover bald or thin areas, the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment inserted into the skin gradually ensures there are no harsh edges and shading makes the look slightly softer.

How it is done?

Learn Powder Brows!

With PowderBrows you will create a soft powdered effect for your clients that resembles eyebrow pencil or powder and is ideal for clients who are wanting full and defined eyebrows. This technique provides an ideal eyebrow shape through gentle shading by applying a creamy pigment into the skin. The effect is similar to highlighting using shadows, but the huge difference is that the effect remains for months. This procedure is great for all skin types but best for oily skin. This 2-Day POWDER BROWS BASIC TRAINING
has been designed to offer our students the best possible learning experience and this course is suitable for absolute beginners who are willing to learn the machine technique and as well as those who already have some experience. WHAT IS INCLUDED:
***2 days individual 1:2:1 live course
The machine helps us to achieve perfect shading to provide great healed results.
*** kit
*** work on live Models Machine allows to get more even, warmer, less chance for spottiness shading. We
focus on different shading techniques, speed, depth, needle formations, and correct
placement of the shadows, all in order to give the client the most hyper realistic
result, and off course a perfect set of eyebrows.
Machine shading allows to achieve great results covering old PMU.
By doing the shading technique with a PMU device, you achieve a consistent speed
and depth, which makes the shading nice and even, and technique is less
traumatising for the skin, which will reflect in your healed results.

What you will learn:

DAY 1 : Time :10am – 5/6pm
•Introduction with hygienic standards
•Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) •Disinfectant and Sterilisation
•Prevention of cross contamination and infection •Dispose of clinical waste
• Colour theory & skin types
•Perfect Eyebrows shaping/symmetry

•Practice on a latex
•Describing the healing process

Day 2: •Work on a live model under master supervision
•The top up procedure
•Questions and Answers •Certificate of attendance
•Different styles of shaping
Different shading techniques
Correct stretching & depth
Great healing & colour retention
•Correction old Permanent Makeup & Colour correction
-Numbing & procedure without loosing shape
-Providing clients consent forms & aftercare
-Continuous support after course
•marketing tips WHAT DO STUDENTS GET?
Prior to attending the 2 days course, students will be required to do home learning from the teaching material provided by Educator,two weeks before the training.This reading materials will be emailed to you.
Students have to allow 8-16 hours for this task. This will include:
•Legislative background on tattooing
•Infection prevention
After the 2 days course students receive a certificate of attendance.Certificate is obtained when students have demonstrated satisfactory work and pass all learning levels.
Usually, it takes 2-3 months of constant and every day practice for someone to demonstrate satisfying skills in Powder brows , if a student will not spend enough time practicing it may take even longer.
Perfecting this skill will take a lot of practice and determination.
What we will provide on the day
•Hot drinks •Water •Light lunch

***TATTOO / PERMANENT MAKEUP REMOVAL COURSE .Non laser removal course .

We offer recorded online tattoo removal course and face to face

Only one day course (theory and practice on live models)from most popular PHIACADEMY. Along with course you get
🔴 FREE BONUS (3 Extra courses )

🔥FREE unlimited access to Skin Expert Course from PhiAcademy, includes over 40 lectures

-skin anatomy and physiology,

-skin types

🔥FREE First Class Service courses

In order to run a successful business in beauty industry, in addition to the quality of treatments and products, it is necessary to have a great Customer Care. Through this course you will be able to: – learn what matters at each stage of your client’s stay in your studio and why – master the rules of welcoming and escorting the client, – telephone conversations, – landscaping, – behavior during the treatment, – as well as the importance of taking care of the client after leaving your studio. 🔥FREE Hygiene course
Hygiene course introduces the basic principles behind hygiene practices as well as practical and effective methods you can implement in your work environment ⚡️Suitable for beginners
⚡️Learn manual and machine techniques.
⚡️ You will get International Certificate from PHIACADEMY .


Advanced (Perfection) Microblading Training

Face to face for Microblading experienced Artist ☄️Do you want to improve your technique?
☄️Do you want better healed result?
☄️Do you want to learn different stroke patterns?
☄️Step by step explanation top up treatment
☄️Do you want to learn Microblading with Shading for the fuller brows effect?
☄️Do you want save your time during the treatment?
☄️You don’t know which colour you must take that brows don’t turn reddish or greyish ?
☄️You are not confident in doing Microblading and you need a help ?

🔥Learn from the Expert in brow Micropigmentation and become more confident.

🔥Educator Jelena Zemite has more than 10 years experience in Microblading.She knows all secrets,tips about how to perform successful treatment, that your clients come back to you. 💫Work on Live Models
💫Support & Marketing
💫Practice on a latex
💫Support after training
💫Certificate after training