Phiremoval”it is permanent makeup and body tattoo removal.

Phiremoval is laser and saline free

It can be used with any PMU machine or with Microblading hand-tool.⁣ Phiremoval work on fresh and old tattoo.

Ideal for removing microblading and permanent makeup (even on delicate areas-eyes,lips) brows,body tattoo and scalp.

The main objective of Phiremoval is to extract the tattoo pigment without compromising the health of the skin.

Enzyme power is one of the Phiremoval products ,which turned this tattoo removal system into a fundamental solution,applicable even in cases when other tattoo removal techniques remain helpless.

Phiremoval work immediately,so you can correct mistakes during PMU,microblading or other treatment.

No need previous experience with PMU machine or manual tools ,you will learn all this techniques in the training day.


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-skin anatomy and physiology,

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In order to run a successful business in beauty industry, in addition to the quality of treatments and products, it is necessary to have a great Customer Care. Through this course you will be able to: – learn what matters at each stage of your client’s stay in your studio and why – master the rules of welcoming and escorting the client, – telephone conversations, – landscaping, – behavior during the treatment, – as well as the importance of taking care of the client after leaving your studio.

What is PhiRemoval?

The tattoo removal tool is used in a similar way as a tattooing or micropigmenting one, with the same equipment. This method has been developed for both techniques: manual and PMU machines. It is the safest way to remove unwanted semi-permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyes, lips) and body tattoos and scalp.It can be used for full or partial removal. The ingredients of the solution remove the pigment from the skin without leaving scars. It is introduced into the skin by the manual method or machine and the results are immediately visible. Unlike other methods of removing tattoos, the unsightly crust does not form.


– the tissues heal quickly

– the product is transparent, so you will be able to see the pigment coming out from the skin.

– “cleans” lips better than any other product or procedure

-The highest removal efficiency⁣

-A short rehabilitation period

-Ideal for removing iron oxide,carbon and titanium dioxide

*** ONLINE PhiRemoval course prices depends on starter kit which you choose

***3 starter kit options:

? STANDARD Phiremoval starter kit which include manual tools and phiremoval products

?Phiremoval starter kit with PhiAcademy Symplicity ARTIST PMU MACHINE and phiremoval products

?Phiremoval starter kit with PhiAcademy Symplicity PMU MASTER MACHINE and phiremoval products


*After we get your payment you will be added to our Craft Master Application,where you start your online training and where you communicate with your Phiremoval Master Jelena and show your work and get feedback from Master Jelena

*Craft Master is free downloadable app is available on iPhone and android phones and devices and it is a brand new concept of teaching the technique using classroom system in a specially designed learning application.

Key benefits from learning microblading with the Craft Master application are:

*No traveling costs

*Saving your precious time

*Learn at anytime anywhere

*Practicing whenever and wherever you want

*Instant access to your lectures

*Direct access to your master

*Videos and step by step guide

*Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

*Online Craft Master support 6 months (to correct the all possible mistakes)

*The opportunity to send questions to Phiacademy Doctor via the PhiApp (DR.PHI)

*To receive Certificate ,students have to pass the levels on Craft Master application and send photos of 9 treatments they have done (before/during of the treatment /immedietly after the treatment)

*Starter Kit with the material for performing the treatment sent to your business/home address.Depending on the content of the starter kit,there are 3 different kits:

1.Starter kit

2.Premium kit

3.Standard kit


After the certificate is issued (posted to home/business address) student will receive a certificate with the title of Phiremoval Technician Phi Academy and this your title will be listed on Phiremoval global map. Becoming the Phiremoval Technician is your first achievement, Second achievement is becoming a Senior Technician of Phiremoval in academy by Branko Babic and possibly a Phiremoval Master one day.

By joining Phiremoval you can be certain about your professional progression and development.

If you wish attend our training please ask me to send you The Course Price , registration form with bank details.