1. Is it possible to remove SPMU that is 10-20  years old?

Yes. It only takes more procedures.

2. It is possible to remove Red eyebrows colour?

Yes,but you may need more extra sessions.

3. How many procedures are needed to completely remove the pigment?

It depends on the case; ''FRESH'' SPMU or Microblading is very easy to remove, but old ones need more procedures.

4. Is it possible to remove pigment migration?

Yes, with PhiRemoval it is possible. It is a very gentle procedure for such cases, but more than one procedure is necessary.

5. Are there any scars after the procedure?

We do not have any scars in PhiRemoval history. This method is very safe and the people who do it are trained and certified.

6. What we can remove by PhiRemoval?

  • removal of single strokes, unwanted dots, details
  • removing a small part of the eyebrows
  • complete eyebrows removal
  • lips-contour and uneven shape removal
  • eyes-removing bad shapes
  • the most difficult cases migrations removal